Vol 3, No 1 (2013)

А. Sh. Кakhramanov, К. Sh. Каkhramanov  By The Fractal Geometry Of The Surface Structures

Bülent Nafi Ornek Schwarz Inequality On The Boundary For Holomorphic Functions

E. G. Orudzhev, G. A. Gulmamedova  The Econometric Analysis Of Savings Using Autoregressive (Ar) Model In Excel

Kangkang Wang, Xiaofei Ye, Ting Teng, Jingping Jia  A Class of Strong Limit Theorems for Multivariate Function Sequence of mth-Order Nonhomogeneous Markov Chains on the Generalized Gambling Systems

Ilyas Akhisar  The Application Of Correspondence Analysis To Logical Data Table

I. A. Alizade  Application of spectral analysis to the study of short time series of tax revenues

B. M. Gasimov, E. R. Shafizade, A. A. Murtuzayeva  Defining Optimum Regime in the Production Process Described Differential Equations with Variable Structure

Г. М. Масмалиев  Глобальная Разрешимость Задачи Коши Для Бесконечной Системы Нелинейных Дифференциальных Уравнений

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